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The main objective of the company is to satisfy the needs of its customers, from the initial design up to the after-sales service.

Thanks to the experience gained in over thirty years in the field, to the highly qualified staff, the cutting-edge technology and latest generation machines, we are able to provide comprehensive technical advice: from the analysis of the piece to be machined to the design and construction of the most suitable tool, in order to improve productivity and optimise the production of its Customers.

We design and manufacture special MDI, brazed, PCD and CBN tools:

  • Solid carbide flat, conical and radius milling cutters for milling moulds
  • Helical profile cutters
  • Drills and countersinks with precision steps and internal lubrication holes
  • Spade drills and constant profile tools for plunge milling on automatic lathes
  • Circular or linear knife cutting blades with special profiles
  • Mechanically fastened tools

SHARPENING special tools

The company provides a complete regrinding service, which covers all types of products: milling cutters, drills and reamers, tools, as well as inserts and cusps.

With sharpening, the company can completely regenerate any tool, whether it is hard metal, HSS steel or PCD diamond. The company can recommend the best coating to cover remanufactured tools to improve their useful life. All the regrinding tools are laser marked with a customer identification code to prevent them getting mixed up with others.

For several years, the company has been an Authorized Sandvik Centre for the sharpening of drills and milling cutters with original geometrical shapes and coatings; this guarantees extremely efficient sharpening, allowing the tools to maintain their initial performance over time.

OTHER SERVICES for special tools

These departments are committed to offering a key strategic service for the chip removal market, with the aim of providing the most faithful restoration of the original geometrical shapes and profiles.
They are divided into:

  • Wear resistant coating
  • Laser Marking
  • Quality Control

Wear resistant coating

The wear resistant coating improves the performance of the tools, since it reduces friction and wear. As a result, savings can be made on machining costs, increasing the useful life of the tool. For the coatings of our products, we use the best brands on the international market. Depending on the type of tool, the machining that will be carried out and the material that will be machined, we can advise you on the best surface treatment for your tools.

Laser Marking

Each of our standard tools is marked with the UTMAR logo and the code that encodes the tool. Upon request, any of your tools can be marked with your logo and your code. All products that enter the company to be sharpened are marked with an identification code to avoid them getting mixed up with others. Thanks to a constantly updated and avant-garde technology, it is possible to mark even the smallest tools.

Quality control

Our constant temperature metrology room is equipped with the latest measuring instruments. We are able to carry out a control of the geometry and shape of the tools using a high precision control machine. Upon request, we can issue a certificate certifying the conformity of the product to the drawing tolerances.